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TLPC loves peonies (and you do too)

Gah! Who isn’t in love with these pink fluffy balls of delight that grace our shores in November each year. We’ve been using peonies for the past couple of weeks and you guys are loving them!

There aren’t many garden plants that are surrounded with as much mystique as the peony, and it’s clear why.

What starts as a tight flower, slowly opens up to reveal a multitude of delicate petals and a fringe of what looks like pure gold at their centre, gaining them their nickname ‘Queen of the Flowers’. Their fleeting season – generally only 6-8 weeks – also makes them especially sort after.

Peonies are relatively easy to grow providing you have a good cold winter, so it makes sense the best of Australia’s peonies hail from Tasmania.

Please note, we get them fresh from the flower market the day we send them out, and as such they might be tight when you receive them. Be sure to trim the stems and place them in a nice, sunny spot and they should open within a few days. Did you know we have other posy care tips on our FAQ page here?


Spring is here, guys!

It’s still a little chilly in Perth but Spring is officially here, and with it comes some of our favourite flowers. Ranunulus are beautiful cut flowers and we’ve been featuring them regularly in our daily posies since they hit the flower markets for the first time a few weeks ago.

Sometimes mistaken for a variety of rose, ranunculus have many layers of petals and come in an array of colours, such as white, pink, yellow and orange.

We love the variegated pinks. Ranunculus have very straight stems and a long vase life if they have plenty of fresh water to drink. You’ll be seeing these beauties in our posies in both Perth and Brisbane for the next couple of months.


Hi guys. I’m Helen, the founder of The Little Posy Co., and this is our brand new blog where we’ll be sharing with you a little more about us, the business and, most importantly, the flowers. Please follow along!

For our first post I thought I’d tell you a bit about me and how I came to start The Little Posy Co., an online flower delivery business, which is now delivering hundreds of posies around Perth each week and has just launched a sister branch in Brisbane.

I studied journalism and worked in newspapers in London, Sydney and New York for eight years before deciding a change of scene was in order. While I had thoroughly enjoyed my time as a reporter, I was becoming disillusioned with the changing industry and decided it was no longer what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was also ready to move home to Perth for some long overdue family time.


That’s when the idea for The Little Posy Co. came about. I had always loved flowers, and thought Perth was crying out for a more affordable, yet also more beautiful and unique option than was being offered by many traditional florists at the time. The convenience of online ordering and the simplicity of one style of bouquet a day would also be refreshing, I thought.

To train up, I thought I’d make the most of being in New York – a city with one of the world’s most abundant flower districts. I got in touch with a few of my favourite florists on Instagram and offered to work for free. I was lucky enough to intern at Pretty Streets Botanicals in Brooklyn where I learned so much about growing, processing, arranging and caring for flowers as well as going to the flower market; and I developed my own aesthetic.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, I packed up my apartment and got on a plane at JFK airport to Perth, ready to start my little business.